The Cobb Portable BBQ Grill

Don't quite need a full-size grill? This Cobb Portable BBQ Grill might be just the thing for you, especially if you are stuck in an apartment.

This grill is great for anyone that is single or just doesn't have the yard for a grill. Even if there are two of you, it would still probably be big enough. It barbecues, grills, bakes, smokes, boils and warms. It's portable, weighing 8.5lbs it would be no problem moving it around. It keeps juices off of the coals so almost no smoke or flare-ups giving you a more even cook. It also stays cool to the touch so you can move it around while it's cooking.

It has no moving parts and is very durable according to the product page. It would be a nice way to grill even in the winter months. It will cost you $123.99.

Cobb Portable BBQ Grill [via cribcandy]