The CIA goes social, sends out first cryptic tweet

Nate Swanner - Jun 6, 2014
The CIA goes social, sends out first cryptic tweet

Twitter, a very public forum for announcing all manner of things, has drawn the favor of one of the more secretive entities on earth. The CIA have taken to the micro-blogging platform, starting things off with a very familiar tone, putting the “CIA” in “social”.

We won’t call it their first official Tweet, because they’re being very secretive about their involvement. Without even mentioning what tweet was or where you’d even do such a thing, the CIA left us with this:

So, what they’re saying is that they aren’t saying anything about what they may have said or not said. They also said — well, nothing, really. I guess that’s just it.

The CIA hasn’t followed that tweet up with anything, or even made mention of why they’re interested in Twitter. Then again, they’re the CIA; they don’t need to pander to me or anyone else, explaining themselves.

The agency also recently opened up a Facebook page, likely in an attempt to be more civil. Oddly (or awesomely?) enough, the CIA will also participate in Throwback Thursday, a popular picture sharing program where users take old photos and reshare them on social media. We’re excited to see how many awesome 70’s mustaches the agency had, and massive rooms filled with typewriters.

The agency also says they’ll share job listings, and even give insight into their museum. Already on YouTube, Flickr, the CIA also manages mobile apps to keep us up on all the things they can share.

Source: CIA, Twitter

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