The Chair Suitcase - Bet you can't guess what it does

If you've ever had to stand around in line for something for long periods of time, you've no doubt longed for someplace to sit. This highly portable chair will roll along behind you just like any ordinary piece of luggage.

The Chair Suitcase transforms between a chair and a suitcase. Bet you didn't guess that from the title. I'm not sure how often I would lug around a chair like this, as I hate carrying anything more than is absolutely necessary. I'm sure that once in a while I could probably find a use for it though.

As far as I can tell, this is only a concept product, so don't get to excited. Hopfully if this Chair Suitcase does make it to store shelves, it will have a decent price tag.

Chair Suitcase – A Suitcase That Doubles As a Chair! [via bornrich]