The Camera Lamp shines without a flash

Abby McVay - Apr 4, 2008, 7:40 am CDT

Quirky lighting is always making its way onto the internet, keeping us on our toes. Designed by Transparent House Studio, this lamp turns the tables and instead of the flash shining, it is the actual lens that is emitting a bit of light.

I’m actually a little disappointed that this light is still in the concept stages, I have always loved cameras and having one that is a lamp would be a fun change. Now realistically, looking at the quality of craftsmanship there is no way this would be in my price range.

Likely this concept, if it ever makes it onto the market will be one of the overly expensive bits being sold for thousands of dollars. However, knowing that, I’m going to pretend that it’s only because of the fact that it’s concept that I can’t snag it. That way I can at least hope that it will be sold sometime and then I can complain about the price at a later point.

[via yankodesign]

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