The C64 brings the Commodore 64 back to life in full size

There's a saying in the fashion world that what's old will eventually become new again. While not exactly the norm in the gaming industry, we're seeing a revival not just of classic games but classic consoles as well. The NES and especially the PSX, however, has nothing on the Commodore 64 and Atari VCS in terms of antiquity and both of the latter have gotten their own retro revival. Not satisfied with a Mini version, however, Retro Games is returning with a full-sized recreation of the beloved computer, simply called "The C64".

Technically speaking, the Commodore 64 wasn't a gaming computer by design. It set itself apart from its contemporaries with its keyboard and programmability. It was, in other words, a computer hidden inside a very bulky keyboard.

Retro Games' The C64 pretty much continues that spirit. Unlike the earlier mini version, this computer has a full-sized keyboard and one that actually works as well. You still have to connect it to an external display, of course, but now you can enjoy everything in HD graphics.

The device will come with 64 games pre-installed, because, you know, "64". Unlike other retro consoles, however, Retro Games is opening the door for external programs. You can even code in BASIC right on the machine if you're up for it.

The C64 will be launching in December 2019 but that's all that Retro Games is saying about its availability. The computer will have features such as the ability to switch between C64, VIC 20, and Games Carousel modes and will include a Micro Switch USB joystick.