The Brief Safe comes equipped with skid marks

I am one of those people that appreciates a simple design for complex issues. The kind of thing that is so simple you could have thought of it yourself. People have created all kinds of crazy safes, from ones that are indestructible to ones made from food products. Why not make one out of something so repulsive you wouldn't want to take the dough hidden inside anyway? That is where the Brief Safe comes in handy.

Personally I think its a little sexist, geez can't they create one for girls? Oh what? Girls can't have funky underwear too?! The Brief Safe features a Velcro enclosure and of course the obvious racing stripes. The secret compartment measures 4" x 10". The great thing about this safe is you can leave it anywhere, and no one is going to bother it. Of course if you are a neat freak, these briefs may look a little out of place.

If you want to add a little extra touch they suggest that you add some Doo Drops for some added realistic value (it makes them smell like poo). This smelly safe is priced at only $11.

The "Brief Safe" [via funniest gadgets]