The Bigfoot Killer NIC: When Lag Isn’t an Option

Benjamin Nied - Jul 14, 2006

Most of use haven’t even considered getting a “better” network interface card (NIC); for many games, their stock 10/100/1000 Mbit onboard NICs do just what they need. But what if that extra 10 ms of lag is throwing off your game? What if you NIC simply can’t handle the massive amounts of data you’re throwing at it? Well, Bigfoot has the answer. (No, not the monster) Say hello to the Killer NIC, a new PCI-based card that features a 400 MHz Network Processing Unit (NPU) and 64 MB of dedicated RAM.

The concept is that, with the extra processor and RAM to process strictly network packets, games will run faster. This is true; the more processing power you can apply to a program, the faster it runs. Still, many might question if spending extra money on a supercharged NIC card is really going to make a world of difference, and I say the only way to find out is to test one out. No price has been announced as-yet, but I would expect something like this to retail between $50 and $75. Then again, given the processor and RAM in question, it could end up being a good deal more. When’s the dedicated Wi-Fi card coming, guys?

Bigfoot Killer NIC Page [via Crowdedbrain]

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