The big Pokemon announcements aren't over yet

Earlier today, The Pokemon Company made a number of big announcements. Not only did it launch the first expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield, but it also revealed a new Pokemon Snap game for Nintendo Switch alongside an upcoming game for Switch and mobile devices called Pokemon Cafe Mix. It turns out, however, that these aren't all the announcements The Pokemon Company is plotting.

Toward the end of the Pokemon Presents presentation, The Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara said that there's one more announcement left to make. He refers to this as a "big project," but unfortunately for us, Ishihara is guilty of making an announcement of an announcement here, as we won't get to find out what this big project is until next week.

The Pokemon Company's next announcement will be made on June 24th, which means that we have an entire week to speculate on what this announcement is. It probably won't be anything new regarding Sword and Shield since The Isle of Armor released today and The Crown Tundra is coming up this fall.

It could be a new game, but we already received new game reveals today. One of those reveals, New Pokemon Snap, arguably deserved its own announcement, because fans have been asking for this for two decades at this point; that, we'd say, qualifies as a "big project" all its own.

One possibility is that we could see The Pokemon Company announce Diamond and Pearl remakes, which fans have been expecting for some time now. We could also see the company announce new games in the style of Pokemon Let's Go. We'll find out what The Pokemon Company is cooking up next week, so stay tuned for more.