The best new Google Assistant feature is the simplest thing [APK Download]

Chris Burns - May 18, 2017
The best new Google Assistant feature is the simplest thing [APK Download]

As of today, Google Assistant has gotten an upgrade which will change the game for a whole lot of Android users. The change is small – not even a change at all for some – but giant for those that don’t like to speak aloud in public places. Or in their homes – or anywhere else, for that matter. The latest update to Google Assistant allows the feature to be used with a keyboard instead of with the user’s own voice.

Google’s latest update signals a move to a more inclusive place – a place that’s understanding of the real world. A real world where it’s not always appropriate to make requests of one’s own phone out loud, by speaking. Google now includes the rest of the world – the world that’s not always interested in sharing with the rest of the coffee shop what they want Google to tell them about the latest sports scores.

As shown in the video below, Google isn’t quite ready to make this update a big part of their promos for Google Assistant. It’s a much more magical experience when Google Assistant is activated with one’s voice. Watch out for this video asking your Google Assistant-enabled devices to do a whole lot of different things, by the way – it’s gonna happen.

This update is available starting this week for most users that already have access to the Google Assistant on their smartphone. To access this update, download the latest version of Google Play services. One place to check for an update is Google Play – that’ll be the most reliable place to find the update, but it might not end up being the first. There’s also APK Mirror, which will likely have the version of Google Play services all users need to make this most recent version of the Google Assistant active.

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