The Batman movie production restarts soon after several months of waiting

Production on the latest movie in the DC Universe — The Batman — will restart next month after several months spent in limbo, according to a new report. The crew will get to work on the film in the UK where movie production crews are considered essential workers, enabling them to get back to work despite the ongoing nature of the pandemic.The Batman will be the first movie in the Gotham universe featuring actor Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, a casting decision that has gotten more popular among Batman fans now that a few trailers are live. This is the latest reboot of the Batman franchise, one that won't be hitting theaters until late 2021 at this point.

The movie, which has a screenplay from Matt Reeves and Bill Finger, will officially resume production in September after temporarily suspending work back in March when the pandemic was declared. The decision to pause production was widespread throughout the industry, delaying dozens of movies and TV shows.

The information comes from Deadline, which reports that Warner Bros. may have started construction on the movie's set in July. It's unclear how much of the movie is complete — Reeves told the publication earlier this year that a quarter of filming was done, but indicated that there may be some changes made to the movie after contemplating its 'tone' during the downtime.

The new Batman movie was originally scheduled to hit theaters next summer, but it has — at this point in time — been bumped ahead to an October 1, 2021, release date. A number of movies have been delayed and rescheduled (and then subsequently delayed again) due to a combination of movie theater closures, reduced sales as customers avoid public places, and lockdown orders.