'The Bastard Executioner' has already been cancelled

FX's new drama from Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter has been cancelled after one season, it has been announced. The first season of The Bastard Executioner just wrapped up, and on its heels came the announcement from Sutter himself, who cites a lack of viewers as the reason. Said Sutter, "I don't want to write something that nobody's f—ing watching."

Sutter announced the show's cancellation in an odd way — through an advertisement in The Hollywood Reporter where he first expressed his gratitude, then said:

The audience has spoken and unfortunately the word is, "meh". So with due respect, we bring our mythology to an epic and fiery close. Uno tempore. Unus amor.

The show saw a large drop in the number of viewers over its several weeks on air, with more than 50-percent abandoning the show within the first six weeks. When things got a start in September, the show had about 4 million viewers. By the time episode six rolled around, it had only 1.9 million viewers.

The show came to its end on November 17 (yesterday), and it has managed only about 3 stars on IMDB, with poor reviews elsewhere. Sutter has a history of successful shows on the network, which pushed the show heavily during some of its top series, particularly American Horror Story. Sutter isn't complaining, though, and has reportedly already started work on some other plans.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter