The Bacterioptica is a Chandelier Made from 15,000 Feet of Fiber Optic Cables

If you've got extra cable lying around, you might have the inclination to do something with it. But usually it only serves one purpose, so finding something else useful from the extra pieces isn't all that easy. Unless you're a designer, tasked with the job of creating something. And then we imagine that it may be pretty simple. This beautiful thing you see hanging above the immaculate dining room is a unique chandelier: it's manufactured from fiber optic cable and petri dishes.

And, there's a lot of cable in there. 15,000 feet of fiber optic cable, actually. As for the petri dishes, there's about 100 of them, adding a little bit more light to the already luminous creation. It definitely looks like the chandelier is coming out of the ceiling, almost as a part of the house. And that's exactly what the designers from MADLAB were going for. They intended the piece of beautiful architecture to feel like a living piece of the establishment.

The designers also hope that while the chandelier is great in of itself, that the owners of the house will take to different parts of the house, and use for whatever it is they feel they need to use it for. Or, if they just want another area of the house to look awesome, this is one way to make sure of it.

[via DVICE]