The army of drumming hippies

Now you can have your very own army of drumming hippies (drumming not drunken). I have no idea why, but I think these things are awesome. Yes, I realize they are a bit ridiculous. Not only that, but the girls also kind of look like troll dolls.

These lovable dolls come in sets of two; you can buy either Blondie and Baldy or Afro and Ginger. If you buy more than one set you can stack them on top of each other and they will play together. The only bad thing is that they can only sit on your desk; I know some of you see no problem with this. However, no one sees my desk, and well, these little guys were meant to be shown off.

I have therefore come up with a brilliant plan; they need to create drumming hippie cell phone charms. Its pure genius I know. Until my plan has been carried out I'm afraid we will just have to stick with the original, priced at $29.95. Now, I'm afraid I must be off to patent my super secret plan.

Hippietrummisar [via smidget]