The Apple Music beta has arrived on Sonos

If you're a Sonos owner that has been eagerly waiting to use Apple Music on your favorite device, then today is your lucky day. Well, at least for some people it is. If you didn't sign up for the beta when it was announced last month, you may still have to wait.

Invites have been sent out to people who signed up for the beta when it was announced. Once you receive yours, you will have access to a variety of Apple Music's features on your Sonos system. This includes things like playing music from your catalog, and your custom playlists.

If you've been enjoying Apple's custom station Beats 1, you will also find it available on your Sonos. This is noteable, because it's the first time the station could be accessed from a third-party device.

If you're still wanting to get in on the beta, they are still taking signups here. They are letting everyone in, so you'll just have to wait for your invite to arrive, if you want to get in.

Source: Sonos