The Amazing Spider-Man heads off Gameloft's big E3 mobile game barrage

This week E3 has been home to some fabulous games, but when it comes to a Marvel Comics character like Spider-Man, there's no more exciting announcement than Gameloft bringing this character to an open-world environment. Gameloft has a whole pack of mobile-minded games coming this week, with The Amazing Spider-Man heading everything off and Asphalt 7: Heat coming to eat your racing lunch on Android and iOS.

First have a peek at Spider-Man, this movie-connected bash and kick game ready to bring you back to the Marvel universe with a bang. This game will be launched on July 3rd to accompany The Amazing Spider-Man movie as it hits the theater and looks to be at least as big a bang as the first Spider-Man mobile game released by this same group. Gameloft promises this will be a massive drop with open environments, improved graphics over the past game, and no less than Spider-Man's full collection of face-bashing powers.

Then it's time to race with the next generation in Gameloft's kingpin of driving – Asphalt 7: Heat. This game will bring you to London, Miami, Shangai, and Hawaii in what you're about to see is the latest and greatest in not only hot aesthetics, but best-in-class controls as well. This game will certainly have you drifting your best buddies into the walls in no time – can't wait!