The 8 best PC games under $10 (Late 2016)

Buying a new game when you only have $10 to spare can be a tough proposition. Luckily, if you're playing on PC, there are a number of games that go for a Hamilton or less. The problem then becomes separating the good from the bad, which can be tricky considering the sheer number of games on platforms like Steam and GOG. So, in an attempt to do just that, here are 8 excellent PC games that can be purchased for $10 or less.

1. Terraria ($9.99 Steam, GOG)

There's a decent chance you already have Terraria in your Steam library. It's been discounted down to $2.49 more times than I can count, leading many to buy the game on a whim. If, by chance, you don't have it yet (or you own it and have never booted it up), then you should know that it's definitely worth checking out.

Often presented as a 2D Minecraft, I'd actually argue that Terraria is the better game if you're looking for more direction. Combat is a fairly major focus in Terraria, with a number of bosses to act as goalposts during your journey. There's a truly astounding number of weapons in the game, from magic spells and yo-yos to machine guns and swords that summon falling stars.

Of course, there are also plenty of options for you creative types. Even though Terraria offers one less dimension than Minecraft, the options for building seem near endless, thanks to a large number of blocks and paints.

Here's the crazy thing: even five years later, the developers are still releasing updates for the game. We're not talking little bug fixes and tweaks here and there, but significant content updates that are offered for free. Maybe that's why I still feel like I'm not finished with the game after putting nearly 400 hours into it.

2. Undertale ($9.99 Steam, GOG)

It's safe to say that Undertale has become something of an indie darling since its release back in September 2015. With more than 60,000 positive reviews on Steam, it seems that Undertale has managed to turn the vast majority of people who have played it into fans. That says a lot when you consider that the game was made mostly by one person – Toby Fox – and had no real major marketing push behind it.

It's somewhat difficult to talk about what makes Undertale so great without spoiling the experience, but if you're looking for an RPG with a great story featuring excellent characters, this is the game is for you. Throwbacks to games that made the RPG genre what it is today are plentiful, which is something many players have been fond of.

Undertale also puts a large amount of the decision making in your hands. There are multiple endings to see, and which one you get ultimately comes down to the decisions you make throughout the game. To put a finer point on it: you can complete the game without ever killing anything, instead using negotiation to prevent situations from escalating further. If you're a fan of the RPG genre, this game deserves a spot on your wishlist.

3. One Finger Death Punch ($4.99 Steam)

One Finger Death Punch is possibly the game I'm most excited about on this list. It's a game of skill and timing that only uses two buttons. If that seems like it could become boring, well, it then becomes clear that you've never played One Finger Death Punch.

Using only the left and right mouse buttons, you're tasked with fighting off a flood of flanking attackers using different forms of martial arts. Timing is of utmost importance, as getting the timing off just once during a stage not only ruins your chances of getting a perfect score, but it also opens you up to attack, further complicating things.

It's tough as nails, but it never ceases to be an absolute blast to play. It can run on a wide range of PC configurations, and at $4.99, it's priced perfectly in that impulse range. Don't let that low price tag fool you, though: One Finger Death Punch is an immensely rewarding game, and I maintain it's the most fun you can have for $5.

4. FTL: Advanced Edition ($9.99 Steam, GOG)

If you're looking for a challenge, look no further than FTL: Faster Than Light, which has been re-branded as FTL: Advanced Edition with the recent release of new content. You find yourself controlling a Galactic Federation ship at the end of a long war with a rebel faction. Your side is close to losing the conflict, but your ship holds data that could shift the tide in your favor. The only problem is that you have to survive a race to the Federation's headquarters with the rebel fleet hot on your tail.

If the fleet catches up with you, you die. If you run out of fuel, you die. If you happen upon a ship you have no hope of defeating in one-on-one battle, you die. There are many ways to lose in FTL, and there's only one way to win. With each game lasting no longer than an hour or two, you'll make numerous attempts that end in failure much more often than not.

That may be a turn off for those who don't have penchant for hardcore, perma-death games, but those runs where everything goes right and you make all the correct decisions make all of the failures worth it. Few experiences in gaming feel as rewarding as the first time you successfully complete FTL. Even when you lose, you're still having fun, and the desire to start up one more game to see if you can make it closer to the Federation will be strong.

5. PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+ ($9.99 Steam)

It may be a little weird to see the first PAC-MAN Championship Edition title on this list when the second one is only a few months old. Two things: PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 is more than $10, which disqualifies it from this list, but even if it did meet the requirements of being $10 or less, I'd argue that the first might actually be a little better than its predecessor.

That isn't to say that PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 is a bad game – I rather like both of them, in fact. However, PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+ just gets so much right that it's hard to top. PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+ takes the much-loved gameplay of the original PAC-MAN and gives it a fast-paced overhaul, which is just what the classic game needed.

Follow the routes laid out before you perfectly and you'll feel like a PAC-MAN prodigy, but succumb to the pressure and mess up and you'll see your hopes at setting a high score dashed. Colorful, fast, and addicting, PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+ is accessible for everyone, whether you were feeding quarters into a PAC-MAN machine back in the day or you've never touched a PAC-MAN game before.

6. Dishonored ($9.99 Steam)

Dishonored II just released a few days back, so it's definitely a good time to check out the original if you haven't already. Bethesda and developer Arkane are making that very easy to do, dropping the price permanently to just $9.99. That's not bad at all for a triple-A game that's only a few years old at this point.

In fact, this is the only triple-A game you'll see on this list, for the simple reason that publishers like to keep their older games priced higher than that $10 point we're after. While many players would have told you that Dishonored is worth every penny at its launch price, at $9.99, it's an absolute steal.

You play as Corvo Attano, who has been framed for the assassination of the Empress of Dunwall and the abduction of her daughter, Emily. As you play through the game, you're given the freedom to choose if you'll accomplish your objectives using stealth or brutality. Like another game on this list, Undertale, it's possible – challenging, but possible – to play through the entire game without killing a single person, lending to replayability and making this a game that many players fondly remember.

7. Orcs Must Die! ($9.99 Steam)

In making a list of inexpensive games that offer a lot of bang for your buck, it's almost inevitable that a tower defense game would make an appearance. There certainly isn't a shortage of great tower defense games these days, with most of them priced at $10 or below. So, with the wealth of games to pick from, why did I pick Orcs Must Die! for this list?

It's simple: Orcs Must Die! offers a refreshing take on the tower defense genre, putting you in the shoes of an actual character who must run around the arena and place these towers himself. Even though your towers will do most of the work, you'll be fighting right alongside them, making this game worthy of attention even for someone who has spent years playing tower defense titles.

The game offers a healthy number of towers to choose from and enemies to fight. On top of that, you can look forward to a selection of varied arenas that offer a bunch of possibilities for tower configuration. If you're a fan of tower defense, this one is a must-buy.

8. Geometry Dash ($3.99 Steam)

The least expensive game on this list may also be the most frustrating. "Easy to learn, difficult to master," is the mantra we're working with here, and Geometry Dash cranks that idea up to 11. There's a chance you've played this game on mobile devices, but for $3.99, you'll get all the game has to offer on PC.

A rhythm-based platforming game, Geometry Dash will have you using a single button to jump over a wide variety of obstacles and make it to end of each level in one piece. A single screw up is all it takes to send you back to the beginning of the level, and it isn't uncommon to have to restart a level hundreds of times before you finally make it to end.

What makes Geometry Dash so addicting and fun to play is that you'll likely get a little further with each subsequent attempt at a level, pushing you to give it one more go. Of course, that quickly turns into five or ten more attempts and snowballs from there, but with colorful visuals and a top-notch soundtrack, it's hard to complain.


As many of you know, this is just a small sample of PC games that are available for $10 or less. While all of these titles have managed to capture an adoring audience, there are always more great gaming experiences to be found. If you have some inexpensive games that you're fond of, be sure to share them in the comments section below.