The 360 Skateboard and the Streetcarver update the classic skateboard

Skateboards haven't seen a lot of changes in recent years. Essentially they are still a plank of wood with wheels and a pretty design slapped on. At some point you have to update these things.

Obviously, because if your kids play with the same skateboard you did then we'd bridge the generation gap a bit and we can't have that. Here we have two new alternatives to the classic skateboard, if you're really curious to see them in action you can check out the videos here.

First there is the 360 Skateboard, the one with the two large wheels, which you ride by slipping your feet into the center of the wheels. Then there is the Streetcarver which looks a bit more like the classic skateboard but it features a lot tighter turns and rides more like a snowboard.

[via techeblog]