The 22 ounce laptop cooler

With laptops getting as hot as they have been these days, (we've all seen the exploding Dells, and even the melting G4's from Apple) we need to find ways to keep them cool. Most devices that help us with this problem rely on fans of some sort, and though they generally work well, for the most part they are bulky and hard to carry around.

The people over at Thermaltake know how to keep PC's cool, and now they've developed a new way to keep your laptop running cooler. The best part is that it doesn't use fans. The iXoft uses a new technology called Heat Shift. It uses a type of phase change material that cools by absorbing the heat and distributing it across the surface of the mat and into its surrounding by means of convection.

The iXoft weighs in at only 22 ounces, which is a lot lighter than any other laptop cooler currently on the market. No information is currently available on pricing, but with as little as this weighs, there's no reason for your precious laptop melting anymore.

ThermalTake iXoft Fanless notebook cooler [via dvhardware]