Thanko USB hairbrush automatically mists your hair with water

Bizarre Japanese gadget company Thanko never ceases to impress and befuddle with its new gadgets. One thing most of the stuff this company offers has in common is the fact that the products plug into a USB port on your computer to charge or operate. In the past, we've seen but warmers and all kinds of bizarre USB gadgets.

While I can understand needing to keep your backside toasty and warm during the cold winter months, some products Thanko offers are quite beyond my understanding. Having eight-year-old daughter who hates combing her hair, I'm quite familiar with morning crazy hair so perhaps this gadget does make a little sense. What you see here is a hairbrush that plugs into the USB port to charge an internal battery.

Once the battery is charged, you can fill a tiny little 15 mL container with water. The brush will automatically spray a fine mist allowing you to comb your hair while the brush sprays it with water. This might be the perfect thing for younger kids who have a hard time working a pump top bottle of detangler.

I would totally fill that little plastic container with detangler rather than water instead of fighting my daughter to let us spray her hair. The brush costs ¥6379, which works out to about $78. That makes this a very expensive hairbrush.

[via EverythingUSB]