Thanko unveils another convergence nightmare mouse/speaker combo

It's been a while since I have been able to sit back and wonder what the guys over at Thanko were thinking. The latest converged thingy of dubious value to come from the company is the USB mouse and speaker combination. Sure, you hand will block the speaker, but Thanko says you will get used to that.

The mouse connects to your PC via USB and the speaker has its own 3.5mm input jack pigtailed in to the cable. The idea is that you can remove the speakers from your desk and just use the mouse, which you need anyway. If there was ever a poster product for just because you have the idea, you shouldn't build it, this is it.

The speaker is in the middle of the area covered by your palm. The thing also has a microphone built-in allowing you to use the mouse for Skype calls. It would be hard to hear and be heard if you try to use the mouse while making a Skype call though. The mouse has a resolution of 1000dpi and measures 50mm W x 30mm H x 95mm D.