Texas Instruments introduces TPA2011D1 Class-D amp for portable devices

Texas Instruments has its fingers into all sorts of pies in the tech world. The company's hardware is inside many of the devices that we all take for granted each day. The company has unveiled its latest hardware called the TPA2011D1 class-D amplifier.

The amp is the smallest class-D unit for portable devices on the market. That should mean designers will be able to design portable audio devices that are smaller and still provide quality sound. TI claims its new amp can reduce codec noise by as much as 82% compared to portable devices that lack the new amp.

Key features of the device include the ability to put 3.2W into 4 ohms at 5V and get 22% louder audio than competing solutions without popping in the sound. The amp also has an integrated DAC noise filter to reduce out-of-band noise by 82%. The tiny little amp measures 1.2mm x 1.2mm and is priced at $0.85 in 1000 unit quantities. The product is sampling now and there is no word on new audio players using the amp at the moment.