Tetris rug sucks, makes Tetris look bad

First of all, the color sucks, second of all, the blocks are all misshapen. That's a really bad start to a rug designed after a highly popular gaming icon that you are charging $404 dollars for.

Although the price being $404 dollars is reminiscent of a certain web error message, since this company is in error for putting out such a crappy product and affixing the Tetris name to it. Someone needs to give them a copy of Tetris so at the very least they can get the block shapes right, and maybe come a little closer with the colors.

I really wouldn't recommend buying this rug, especially not at $404. For that kind of dough you could go to a flooring shop on your own and buy enough carpet pieces, in the right colors, to cut your own blocks, in the right shapes, and cover your whole room with Tetris block carpet.

Nerdy Floor Covering – The Tetris Rug [via coolest-gadgets]