Tetris 99 update adds Team Battle Mode in time for next Maximus Cup

Tetris 99 had received a pretty beefy update, as this one adds a new Team Battle Mode to the game. While Tetris 99 normally focuses on every-man-for-himself battle royale gameplay, Team Battle Mode splits players up into one of four teams. Those teams then do battle, with the last team standing being declared the winner.Tetris 99's Team Battle Mode will actually give players their choice of the four teams, so at the outset of these matches, it sounds like the teams will rarely have a balanced number of players. Joining a team with a fewer number of players may not necessarily be a bad thing though, as small teams receive an attack power boost when they're targeted by others.

In order to claim victory, your team needs just one player alive at the end of the match. Everyone on the winning team will get credit for the victory, but it seems that's true only if you stick around to the end in the event that you're eliminated early. Players who are eliminated go into spectator mode and can send "likes" to other players on their team.

With this new mode launching, it should come as no surprise that it'll be the focus of the next Maximus Cup. Running from 11 PM PT on December 12th to 10:59 PM PT on December 16th, the 10th Maximum Cup will be all about Team Battle Mode. Players on winning teams will earn ranked points, and at the end of the event, the top 999 players will get 999 gold points to use in the Switch eShop.

Shipping along with this update is a new password-based matchmaking feature that allows players to group up with friends. We'll also see the addition of new button configuration options, new user emblems, and returning event-exclusive themes that can be purchased with 30 in-game tickets. The update is available now, so give it a download and check out Team Battle Mode.