Tetra Mk-5 single-seat eVTOL is conducting test flights in California

A Japanese company called Tetra Aviation is currently working on a single-seat eVTOL aircraft that uses multiple rotors to take off and land vertically. The aircraft is called the Mk-5, and currently, it's conducting flight tests in California. Tetra hopes to begin delivering the aircraft to customers by the end of 2022 and has shared a video of its test flights.The Mk-5 is a lightweight flying machine built to support pilots under 200 pounds. It has a front wing and a back wing, each fitted with eight propulsion pods. Each of the 16 propulsion pods has a pair of vertical lift rotors in front of and behind the wing surface, giving a total of 36 lifting fans for the aircraft.

Attached to the aircraft's rear is a cruise prop enabling the Mk-5 to fly at up to 100 mph. The aircraft is completely electric and produces no emissions with a range of up to 100 miles utilizing a 13.5 kWh integrated battery. Tetra has also stated it might integrate a ballistic parachute system into the aircraft for emergencies.

Tetra expects to begin delivering the aircraft to customers at the end of 2022. It will be registered as a home-built experimental aircraft in the US, which means significantly less maintenance costs for the pilot. Owners will also need a private pilot license, and like any home-built/experimental, the finished aircraft will be inspected and registered by the FAA.

The ability for the aircraft to take off and land vertically will greatly expand options when it comes to operating the aircraft. Some owners might be able to fly the aircraft from their backyard. Pricing for the aircraft is unannounced at this time.