Testing shows the Mach-E based Ford Pro is fit for police duty

Ford announced that it was sending the Ford Pro electric vehicle to the Michigan State Police Testing competition for this year. Entering the competition would open the door for the EV to be adopted by some of the largest police departments in the country. Ford has now confirmed that the Ford Pro EV police pilot vehicle, which is based on the Mach-E, has passed the testing regime.Testing by the Michigan State Police is rigorous and includes acceleration, top speed, braking, and high-speed pursuit. It also tests the vehicle's emergency response and handling characteristics. Michigan State Police is one of two agencies that test police vehicles and share results with departments around the country.

While Ford has offered no details on how well the vehicle did in the testing, it has said that the vehicle passed the tests. It's likely that we will hear more about hard numbers compared to other police vehicles being tested. We do know that an EV typically accelerates faster than comparable combustion vehicles.

The fast acceleration is thanks to having all the torque from the electric motor available as soon as the pedal is touched. Combustion vehicles build torque and the peak is up in the RPM range leaving less from idle. That said, the Mach-E isn't blazing fast like some EVs from Tesla and other companies.

Ford submitted the Ford Pro vehicle for testing that occurred on September 18 and 20th. The Michigan State Police will publish the testing results on a website later this fall. Ford will certainly sell a lot of the vehicles to departments around the world as many of them are working actively to save fuel costs and field a lower emissions fleet.