Tesla will soon let you play Super Breakout in your car

You shouldn't be using your smartphone while driving and you most definitely shouldn't be playing games while your hands are on the wheel. But what if you're just sitting there, parked and waiting for someone? Rather than do something stressful, like being productive, Tesla is offering the next best thing: playing old-school Atari games on your electric car's dashboard, using that steering wheel as a giant controller.

Of course, this isn't news. Last August, Tesla added a handful of Atari games as a not so hidden Easter egg as part of its V9.0 update. Of course, these games aren't meant to be played while driving and, fortunately, getting to them is quite involved in the first place.

Almost like an actual game subscription service, Tesla is adding more titles to its "TeslAtari" roster. The original list included games like Missile Command and Asteroids. The car maker hasn't given the full list, but it does mention Super Breakout by name.

Sadly, the video doesn't show any new racing game coming. Last month, Tesla had to remove the popular Atari game Pole Position because it had failed to acquire the rights to distribute it. It promised a replacement but it seems Tesla owners will still have to wait for its fulfillment.

The software update that will bring Breakout and more games will be rolling out this week. It could, however, take longer for everyone to get it.