Tesla will now tow your car up to 500 miles

There's really nothing worse than being on a road trip, only to have your car break down a few hundred miles from home. You're pretty much stuck paying whatever mechanic is nearby to do the work. If you don't have the cash for whatever it is, then good luck getting your car towed all the way back home. But if your car is a Tesla, you won't have anything to worry about.

Tesla has always provided free towing for customers whose cars have experienced some sort of mechanical failure (as long as the failure is covered under their warranty). The trouble is that the tow was only covered if it was 50 miles or less. When you consider the range of an electric car, it's most likely that it would break down within a safe distance from home. However, they've decided to do their customers a solid and increase that range.

In a surprising move, the company announced that they would offer free towing to any customer needing warranty-covered service within 500 miles. When you consider that no Tesla car is going to make it that far on a single charge (and charging stations are still sparse) that's a pretty great deal.

Perhaps they are trying to get in the public's good graces, since they unceremoniously ended warranty transfers. They did later reinstate them, but not until a large public outcry forced their hand.

VIA: Mashable