Tesla west coast Supercharger stations now stretch from San Diego to Vancouver

Tesla has been busy getting its SuperCharger stations in place, having announced various plans and ambitions related to them over the course of this year. There's good news for Model S owners located on the west coast, with Tesla SuperCharger stations now stretching all the way between Vancouver, Canada and San Diego, California in close enough increments that owners can go on a long road trip.

With this construction process, Model S owners can take a road trip from the tip of the nation to the southernmost part of California, doing so for free. The SuperCharger stations only work for Tesla's cars, and can be broken down into the following numbers: 11 stations in California, three in Oregon, and two in Washington. The last of this batch was launched this past Friday in Oregon.

Though still not as fast as filling a tank with gas, a Model S can presently be charged at a SuperCharger station to about 80-percent capacity in 20 or so minutes. As we've noted in the past, Tesla is aiming to reduce this amount of time, cutting it in half. At an 80-percent charge, Tesla says its Model S can travel about 200 miles (for the 85kWh model). Those with the 60kWh version with the SuperCharger upgrade can also travel along the west coast now using the SuperCharger stations.

The SuperChargers all have a minimum of four charging connections, though the stations placed in higher traffic areas have up to eight charging places for drivers. To help alleviate boredom during charging times and times when one might have to wait for a charger to become available, Tesla has made sure to position the SuperChargers near shopping and restaurant-laden areas.

SOURCE: Green Car Reports