Tesla update lets you name your car

Chris Burns - Sep 19, 2014, 1:41pm CDT
Tesla update lets you name your car

The newest software update to the Tesla Model S, version 6.0, allows you to name your car. You can also get Commute Advice from the vehicle, work with a Beta release of Traffic-Based Navigation, and work with Remote Start. If you didn’t think your electric car was futuristic enough before, boy howdy it is now.

Software v6.0 will be coming to Model S users in an over-the-air update immediately. If you don’t have the update yet, twiddle your thumbs a little bit and wait. It’ll be coming sooner than later.

The following features will be coming with Software Version 6.0 immediately if not soon:

• Traffic-Based Navigation (BETA) While we’re not certain what system Tesla uses at the moment, users will be able to share traffic information with other Tesla users uniquely. Dynamic updates are in full effect.

• Location-Based Air Suspension If you happen to approach a high driveway and need more lift – and you approach that driveway often – your Model S will now remember that you do based on GPS location information and adjustments, doing so automatically. Of course you’ll need the Model S with air suspension in the first place to make this happen.

• Remote Start Through the Tesla app on your phone.
• Calendar (BETA) In-car view of your schedule.
• Commute Advice Pop-up messages on your car’s touchscreen before you head to work for the day.
• Power Management Options At night your Model S will go into energy saving mode when you’re not driving it.

• Name Your Car Because you love your vehicle so very very much, you’ll want to name it. Especially since the Model S will now allow you to have said name appear in the Tesla mobile app and in the About Your Tesla section of your in-car touchscreen.

Sound like a nice update to you? Let us know if you drive a Tesla Model S and how you’re finding this wave of upgrades this week!

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