Tesla Tequila is now a real product and it's already sold out

If you can remember April Fools 2018, you may recall Tesla's own joke: a Tesla-branded tequila product company CEO Elon Musk called 'Teslaquila.' That product is now a real thing — though it is officially called Tesla Tequila — and it comes in a very unusual eye-catching bottle. The only problem? It quickly sold out.

It's really not a surprise that Tesla decided to launch its own tequila product — fans started asking for the real deal after Musk's joke back in 2018, plus the company has a history of releasing products that aren't strictly automotive in nature, namely Tesla-branded apparel, through its online shop.

Tesla Tequila has earned its own page on the Tesla website; you can find it and all of its details here. According to the company, this tequila product is made from sustainably sourced agave, aged for 15 months using Frech oak barrels, and delivered in a very unique hand-blown glass bottle.

The alcohol is produced by Nosotros Tequila with Speakeasy Co. tapped for fulfillment. As you'd expect, this premium tequila is offered at a premium price — $250 to be exact, a price tag that includes the shipping fee.

The tequila rapidly sold out, but it seems there are plans to offer more with the product page noting that this is only temporary. The company expects to start shipping the alcohol in late 2020, noting that customers are limited to two bottles and that shipping isn't available to customers in every state due to 'industry regulations.'