Tesla talks Model S details ahead of mass deliveries

Tesla is set the start large-scale deliveries of the Model S electric vehicle in eight days and about 17 hours at the time of writing. Deliveries will begin on Friday, June 22, and ahead of those deliveries, Tesla is holding some events around the country to allow prospective buyers to take a test drive. Tesla is also showing off an interesting video this week of its assembly line.

Specifically, Tesla is talking about its paint center and how its painting processes uses the highest quality processes available in the automotive industry. Tesla promises that these high quality processes raise the bar in premium automotive paint. The process starts off as a Model S body-in-white is submerged in pre-treatment bath and then in a 75,000 gallon tank of an electro-coating solution.

After the electro coating solution is applied, the car is baked at 350° for more corrosion protection. Craftsmen then apply sealer to the joints to make the car airtight and block out noise. The Model S then moves to the primer coat section, then a base coat, and then a clearcoat. Tesla has a video to check out of it painting robots in action that you can see below.