Tesla stops Model S and Model X production for over two weeks

When it comes to electric vehicles, the most in-demand are definitely models from Tesla. Anyone who lives in a modestly sized city likely sees numerous Tesla models cruising the streets. The number of Model 3 and Model Y units has likely grown significantly in recent months. It appears that Tesla buyers now prefer those lower-priced units.

Tesla will reportedly stop production of its Model S and Model X vehicles for 18 days between December 24 and January 11. Reports indicate that the stopped production is due to the low demand for the vehicles. Tesla no longer has a PR department and doesn't respond to requests for comments from reporters. Word of the production shut down was reportedly obtained from an internal Tesla email to employees.

The email reports workers will get one week of full pay, a few paid holidays, and limited paid opportunities to work with other teams. The shutdown means workers on the Model S and Model X lines will end up with five unpaid days off if they don't have enough PTO in their banks. Tesla has long-promised more affordable electric vehicles, and it would appear demand for the cheaper models is outstripping demand for the more luxurious models.

Another reason demand might be low for the models is that those who can afford the Model S may be waiting for the promised Plaid version with higher performance. Tesla has promised an even more affordable electric vehicle in the next few years priced at around $25,000.

More affordable electric vehicles and longer driving ranges will do a lot to help the average vehicle shopper seriously consider going electric. The challenge for many people in many areas is still the lacking charging infrastructure and slow charge times.