Tesla software update allows owners to change their horn sound

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently tweeted something interesting about the latest Tesla software update. According to the tweet, Tesla vehicle owners who apply the software update will be able to change the sounder horn makes to different animal sounds, musical sounds, and even a holiday jingle. The latest software update is firmware 2020.48.25.

The ability to change the horn sound is part of the "Boombox" feature. This isn't the only new feature added in the software update. One change is that the "T" has been removed from the top menu to provide users more touchscreen space. Tapping the "T" used to provide users with system information. Users will now have to tap controls, software to get the same information.

Tesla's release notes also count improved browsing and access. Driving visualization improvements are also baked into the software update. Driving visualization is refreshed and offers larger visualization allowing drivers to view more details of the road surrounding them. The next turn also appears above the visualization if the navigation turn list is covered by another app.

Some items have been rearranged within the menus of the software but look and perform the same. Quick access to the backup camera and wipers has been relocated to the bottom bar. Indicator lights have been moved to the sides of the touchscreen. Controls for setting autopilot speed, autopilot availability, and detected speed limit are now located next to the driving speed.

The software update also brings a refreshed look for the "Scheduled Departures" feature that was known previously as "Smart Preconditioning." Changes emphasize a simple design to help users control charging costs and interior comfort when they're ready to drive. Scheduled Departure operates even if the vehicle is unplugged. Several other improvements are baked into the software update.