Tesla semi truck may be revealed on October 26 says Musk

Tesla didn't show off its electric semi truck this month as originally planned, but the company isn't leaving people in the dark. Musk took to Twitter this evening to announce a tentative unveiling date for the vehicle: October 26. This isn't a guarantee, at least based on Musk's tweet, but it does give us an idea of the time frame in which Tesla is working.

It's no secret that Tesla is working on a fully electric semi truck, which could be used on long-haul routes depending on charging station availability. Late last month, we heard that these trucks may have a range that falls between 200 and 300 miles per charge. Assuming that is correct (the info came from Reuters), these trucks could travel a decent distance before needing 'refueled.'

A lot of questions remain, such as how long it would take to recharge the presumably ample quantity of batteries built into the trucks. There's also a question surrounding autonomous driving — reports have indicated the trucks will feature some element of self-driving abilities, but official details are lacking.

According to a tweet made by Musk, the company has 'tentatively scheduled' both the unveiling and a test ride to take place in Hawthorne, California. The inclusion of the 'test ride' tidbit means the company will have its semi trucks operational for the unveiling, but we'll have to wait and see in which ways they'll be demonstrated.

SOURCE: Twitter