Tesla revives Referral Program with car giveaways, Supercharger perk

Tesla has announced a new Referral Program that rewards customers who recommend the company to their friends...assuming that recommendation results in a vehicle purchase, of course. The company explains that its previous Referral Program was popular but pricey, and so it is back with a new version, one that offers exclusive perks for existing customers without the same 'significant costs' for Tesla.

Tesla killed off its original Referral Program on February 1 of this year, news that came amid the company's larger cost reduction efforts. The original program had been available since 2015 and had the effect of turning existing Tesla customers into company evangelists. In exchange for earning the company a sale, Tesla offered the customer perks.

The Referral Program has returned, but in a different form. This time around, existing Tesla customers who refer a friend (who then proceeds to purchase a Tesla vehicle) will receive 1,000 miles of free charging on the Supercharger network.

In addition, Tesla vehicle owners who successfully refer a new customer will be given the chance to win a Founder's Series Model Y monthly, as well as a Founder's series Roadster every quarter. The Roadster reward vehicles are signed by Elon Musk and Franz von Holzhausen.

For Tesla vehicle owners who already have unlimited Supercharging, the company will instead given them two chances to win the aforementioned vehicles per referral. The rewards require the new customer to use the vehicle owner's referral code when they purchase their own car, however.