Tesla releases beta Tesla Model S app in the Play Store

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 2, 2013, 4:27pm CST
Tesla releases beta Tesla Model S app in the Play Store

Tesla has released a beta version of its Tesla Model S app for Android in the Google Play Store. With this app, Model S owners can communicate with their vehicles via their mobile unit no matter where they are located, doing such things as checking out its charge status or warming it up on a cold night. Owners can download it now.

The Model S app for Android gives users quite a bit of hands-off control of their car. Aside from the aforementioned ability to remotely warm it up or cool it down by turning on the heat or AC, users can also initiate a charge process (assuming it is plugged in), or stop it if desired. As the app’s description notes, this can even be done when it’s parked in the garage, thanks to the lack of dangerous fumes.

The app allows owners to keep track of the car’s location and its movements via an on-display map, particularly useful if you’re letting someone else borrow it and want to keep an eye on where they’re going. There are also some features that are good for security, such as the ability to honk the horn from your smartphone or tablet when the car is parked.

Drivers can also use the Model S app to flash the lights, which is useful for locating the car in a large parking lot or scaring away someone who might be trying to get into the vehicle unnoticed. The car’s panoramic roof can be set to vent or to close via the app’s controls, and, of course, the locks can be controlled. For those who download the app, keep in mind that is a beta version, and Tesla notes that there are some glitches with the user interface.

[via Google Play]

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