Tesla pushes pricing on Model 3 and Model Y EVs higher

One common irritation for car shoppers in the automotive world is price increases with each new model year. Typically, those price increases only happen with the introduction of new year models of cars, but sometimes prices go up during the model year. Recently Tesla has increased the price of its Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles twice over the last month or so.

Anyone who was considering purchasing one of those electric vehicle models won't be happy to hear that Tesla has pushed the price of the vehicles up again. Pricing on both the Model 3 and Model Y have gone up by another $500. When looking at spending tens of thousands of dollars on an electric vehicle, $500 isn't that much of a price increase, but it's an increase nonetheless.

With Tesla's new pricing in place, the Model 3 Standard Range Plus now starts at $39,490, not counting the $1200 destination fee. That means the cheapest Tesla in the line starts at $40,690. Anyone wanting the Model 3 Long Range AWD will spend $49,690, including the destination fee. If you had your eye on the Model 3 Performance, its price didn't increase and stands at $58,190.

Tesla also pushed the Model Y Long Range AWD price up by $500 with the new starting price of $52,690, including the destination charge. The Model Y Performance maintains its price is $62,190. Anyone considering a Tesla won't be happy about the price increase. Both of these models are the entry-level into the Tesla line.

It's not particularly common for pricing to go up at all during the model year. Typically automakers reduce prices via rebates and incentives to move vehicles. Tesla has now increased the price three times in a short span of time.