Tesla opening first battery swap station next week

Tesla is keen to get more charging stations positioned throughout the country, which will allow Tesla owners to charge their cars at appropriate way stations without ever running out of power. With 312 existing Supercharger stations so far, Tesla is on the way to providing a true network of power for their owners. Now Tesla is testing an even quicker method for getting back on the road, allowing Tesla owners in central California to swap batteries instead of plugging in.

For now, the battery swap will be done via appointment only, but Tesla says it will "cost slightly less than a full tank of gas for a premium sedan."

It will also happen much quicker than filling your car full of gas or electricity. Though Tesla says "more time is needed to remove the titanium and hardened aluminum ballistic plates", they also say the swap process takes about three minutes.

Tesla is also looking to further refine the process of swapping batteries in future vehicles, and promise refinements to their manufacturing and swapping process. The goal? "The swap time could be reduced to less than one minute, even with shields" says Tesla.

Demand will ultimately drive Tesla along in this process, where they say customers will ultimately decide if a paid battery swap is wanted versus free charging.

Tesla had previously confirmed to us they'd open their very first battery exchange location by the end of the year. For a better look at the process, check out the video below.

Source: Tesla