Tesla Models S P85D goes 452.8 miles on a charge

Lots of people hypermile their cars, hypermiling is a process where someone drives exceedingly carefully to enable their car to drive the longest distance on a tank of fuel possible. People go to some strange extremes to get better fuel economy with custom-made body kits and the like. A man named Bjorn Nyland has driven a Tesla P85D 452.8 miles (728.7km) on a single charge.

He claims this is a world record, but nothing official from the folks at Guinness or another sanctioning body was granted. The starting point for the feat and the ending point was the same supercharger in Rodekro, Denmark.

After completely charging the batteries at the Supercharger, the systems inside the car said it could drive 399km. To get such high driving distance required attention to everything from tire pressures to driving technique. The driver drove the vehicle very slow and smooth with slow acceleration and deceleration.

In fact, they even went so far as to put a sign on the car that said "Test Slow". With the P85D able to rack up this sort of driving distance, I wonder what a single motor Tesla would have been able to do. It appears much of the driving was done at 40mph with the entire trip having over 18 hours of drive time.