Tesla Model Y will finally be unveiled next week

After a long period of being an industry favorite and the scorn of rivals, Tesla has lately been pushed into the hot seat more than the spotlight. Financials are disappointing if not grim and scandals and lawsuits have become more common of late, casting doubts on whether Elon Musk can deliver on his admittedly ambitious promises. Still, those have never really stopped the luminary from pushing his vision come what may and, on March 14, he will finally be announcing an all-electric SUV that is years in the making.

Tesla's Model Y SUV plans go as far back as 2015 when the Tesla CEO and former chair accidentally revealed its existence. It came closest to being revealed in 2017, when Musk talked about details on how his executive team has "reeled in" in insanity. After that, however, Tesla mostly went silent as it faced even bigger challenges that launching a new EV.

It was never taken off the table, of course, and now Musk has turned to his favorite social network to drum up hype about the Model Y and dropping a few details along the way. He reaffirms the decision to base the SUV on the Model 3, going as far as saying that it will look close to the sedan. It will also have normal doors, not the falcon wings that some might have dreamed of.

The similarities with the Model 3 won't end there, however. Musk implies it will also have the same battery, which translates too a slightly lower range. The Model Y SUV will consume more power thanks to its 10% larger size, which increases drag, air friction, and resistance. Even Musk can't defy the laws of physics.

The Tesla Model Y will formally be announced at LA Design Studio on March 14. Musk promises specs and pricing to be made available and, to tease loyal fans, test rides. Given the delays and production problems the company encountered, it will be interesting to see how soon its long-overdue SUV will actually arrive.