Tesla Model S Sport EV aims at BMW M5 performance

Yesterday I talked briefly about the tour that people who ordered the coming Tesla Model S were allowed to take of the Tesla facilities. Today there is some chatter going on around the web about another version of the Model S that is coming to market at some point. The other version is called the Model S Sport.

The sport version of the EV is aimed at the performance crowd and has taken aim at some of the performance numbers of the BMW M5. The sport version is expected to be offered right from the launch of the Model S next year. The sport version will cost in the area of $80,000 and will have a battery pack of 85kWh.

That battery pack will offer a driving range of 300 miles according to Tesla. The performance of the sport version of the Model S will be in the area of 4.4 to 4.6 seconds 0-60. Tesla has also said that it will make a seven passenger version of the Model S and that it will have a battery pack design that can be swapped out along major freeways for longer driving range.

[via Autoblog Green]