Tesla Model S software updated with power fluctuation safeguard

Brittany A. Roston - Dec 26, 2013
Tesla Model S software updated with power fluctuation safeguard

Tesla‘s Model S has been the subject of note when it comes to electric cars, lately due to a spat of fires that have affected a few of the units. Recently, a garage caught fire containing a Model S that was charging, something Tesla maintains was not caused by the Model S and that the Orange County Fire Authority says was related to the wall-charging system. Following this latest incident, Tesla Motors has pushed out a software update.

With this software update, the Model S’ onboard charging system will be able to detect what Tesla Motors calls unexpected fluctuations from the power source. When one of these fluctuations take place, the charging current will be dropped 25-percent, taking, as an example, a 40 amp rate and reducing it to 30 amps in an effort to avoid hazards.

Said the statement Tesla published with the software update: “This charge is designed to help protect you even when a problem exists that is outside of the car or charging electronics. It should significantly increase robustness and safety in the unlikely situation that a home wiring system, receptacle, adapter or cord is unable to meet its rated current capacity.”

Other fires have also affected the Model S this year, starting with one that took place near Seattle due to debris in the road damaging the battery. Two other fires have also taken place, one later on in Tennessee and another in Mexico following a crash. While all of the fires resulted from incidents of some variety, the NHTSA has still elected to give the fires a careful look over.

SOURCE: AutoBlog

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