Tesla Model S Signature Series launches June 22

This week the folks at Tesla have delivered news that their first delivery of 2012 Model S electric sedans will begin in just one month. This delivery will be several weeks earlier than planned as Tesla's public relations teams move to bolster the view of the car so that it might gain wider adoption after its initial launch. This new model brings on a whole new era of electric car for the company, taking what they'd learned from the Tesla Roadster and moving forward with elements such as enhanced regenerative braking with the Model S.

This vehicle will be a fabulous new addition to the electric car family as a whole with an EPA-approved range of 265-miles. You'll get an 85-kilowatt-hour battery pack and with that combination of elements you've got the longest-distance production electric car on the market when it's released. There will be two models, one just called the Model S, the other called the Model S Signature series.

The Model S Signature series is the model that has a bigger battery and the longer range, while the slightly less impressive Model S is the one that's not sold out already. That's right, folks, the Model S Signature series is already sold out completely before it hits the market, while the regular Model S will be available soon – and is available for pre-order now. That model will cost you $49,900 and will bring you 140 to 160 miles of all-electric range with a 40-kilowatt-hour battery pack.

Check out our timeline below to see all the awesome Tesla action as it leads up to the 22nd of June.