Tesla Model S price increase inbound

Tesla has given the heads up that a price increase is in the works for the popular Model S, which was recently name Car of the Year by Motor Trend. The increase hasn't been put into effect yet, however, with the company saying that it is coming "in the near future." Reserve before the change happens to nab the car at its current price.

Tesla Motors was quick to list some important points about the upcoming change in its enthusiasts forum, however. First things first, the price hike will not be applied to anybody who already has a reservation that was made before the effective price change date. This means if you nab a reservation now, you'll be able to get the Model S at the lower price point.

In addition to the price change will be some options package changes as well. According to the official forum post, this means that some equipment that is presently considered a standard option may become a component in an optional package after the change. Like the price change, this will not apply to those who already have a reservation, or make one before the effective price change date.

Those who are hanging in limbo with a deferred reservation will receive an email letting them know when the price change goes into effective. They'll be able to avoid the increase and keep their current option package by finalizing their reservation and placing their order "within a fair, predefined timeframe." There's no word on when the effective price change date is, however, nor is there any information on how long deferred reservation holders will have to finalize their configurations before getting stuck with the new price.

[via Engadget]