Tesla Model S Performance Plus wrings more of out EV (and your wallet)

Tesla has turned its Model S electric car up to eleven, launching a $6,500 upgrade for the hitherto top-spec Performance version which tightens on-road performance as well as slightly stretching range. The new Model S Performance Plus pack includes wider rear tires for boosted grip, and means the EV can run for 6-12 miles longer than the regular car.

The dampers, bushings, and stabilizer bars are all upgraded, while Tesla switches the tires to Michelin Pilot Sport PS2. They're 20mm wider than the regular 21-inch wheels, as well as being staggered for an extra turn of acceleration.

"Performance Plus takes one of the world's best sedans into supercar handling territory, while also improving ride quality and range" Tesla crows on its site, billing the Plus package as a no-lose option beyond the hit your wallet takes. "After hundreds of iterations affecting every detail of the suspension, our vehicle dynamics team was able to achieve the rare outcome of simultaneously improving performance, comfort and efficiency."

According to a message sent to preorder customers, the Plus pack has bigger front and rear stabilizer bars for more predictable handling, and increased lateral stiffness in the rear suspension with springs and dampers that work more efficiently.

Turning your four-door electric car into an eco-friendly beast comes at a cost, however. First off you need to opt for the Performance Model S, which is $87,400 to begin with, and you also need to have specified the 21-inch high-performance tires, at a further $3,500. Then the Plus pack is $6,500 on top.

[via Edmunds]