Tesla Model S, Model X get free unlimited charging, only for new buyers

Despite their popularity in media, Tesla has been having some difficulty not just in production but also in sales. In the past months, the carmaker has been having problems reaching targets, especially as far as their more expensive models are concerned. Now the company is trying to entice would-be buyers into the fold with the promise of unlimited charging but, while tempting at first glance, current Tesla customers are painting a cautionary tale of such gift horses.

This isn't the first time Tesla offered free charging to buyers of its cars. All of those, however, came with caveats. The Model X and Model S, in particular, had their free gravy stopped in 2017. Elon Musk himself would say that the free charging program is not a viable long-term business plan, making this surprise announcement all the more puzzling.

Tesla's Twitter account announced that all new Model S and Model X purchases are eligible for free unlimited supercharging at any and all superchargers. While it would normally be something that would be warmly received, there was, instead, no shortage of critics and complaints. That's because the offer only applies to new buyers and isn't retroactive to current ones.

It isn't just about supercharging fees either, fees that some complained have become even more expensive than gas at one point. It's also about sudden price changes in the cars themselves. Of course, you don't buy a car knowing the price changes that will come even after a month but some customers feel almost cheated nonetheless.

Tesla's business model has already been questioned multiple times so it isn't the company's first rodeo. For sure, there is also no lack of supporters who are ready to call out critics on their complaining. Regardless of those, Tesla does need to turn things around and improve sales, hopefully without alienating its own already existing customers.