Tesla Model S Ludicrous mode vs. Insane mode drag race

The Tesla Model S is one of the most popular pure electric powered cars out there. As it turns out the car is also very fast and has left many incredibly expensive super cars in the dust in drag races. For instance, we have seen the Model S P85D dust a Lamborghini Aventador in a race. This time out we have two Model S cars squaring off in a race.

This race aims to show us just how much faster the P90D Model S Ludicrous mode is than P85D Insane mode. If Insane mode is fast enough to beat an Aventador, Ludicrous mode has to be... well ludicrous right? Right is an understatement, that Lambo beating P85D never had a chance.

The P90D jumps into the lead off the line and holds a massive lead by racing standards through the entire race. Getting that Ludicrous mode on your P85D isn't cheap though, it adds a whopping $5,000 to the price of the car.

It would be hard to buy a Model S and not add that feature though. Being able to dust just about any comer in a drag race in a big, four-door car with electric motors is priceless. These cars make me excited to see what Tesla has in mind for future sports cars.

SOURCE: Engadget