Tesla Model 3 software update puts Autopilot controls on steering wheel

One of the big complaints among Tesla Model 3 owners is that all the functions of the car were controlled via the large touchscreen on the dash. The problem with that was that to adjust any settings, the driver had to look away from the road. That is not ideal in a time when distracted driving is a major hazard for all on the road.

Tesla has now issued a software update for the Model 3 that changes what the scroll buttons on the steering wheel of the car do. With the new update installed, the right scroll button allows drivers to adjust Traffic-Aware Cruise Control settings. Pushing that scroll button on the right up or down will increase or decrease the set cruising speed.

To adjust the follow distance between the Model 3 and the vehicle ahead of it, the driver can press that right scroll button to the left or right. Both of those settings can still be controlled from the touchscreen if desired. The left scroll button gets new tricks as well.

The left scroll button allows the driver to adjust the Model 3 side mirrors and steering wheel. Once enabled in the Quick Controls – adjustments menu, the driver can tap mirrors and select left or right mirror icon and scroll the left button up or down and press it left or right for adjustment.

Steering wheel adjustments are made the same way, only you must choose Steering Wheel from the settings menu. It sounds as if adjusting the mirror or steering wheel will require you to take your eyes off the road while driving.

SOURCE: Engadget, Tesla Forums