Tesla Model 3 Sets Cannonball Run EV Record

If you are anything like most of us, all we really know about the Cannonball Run is what Catherine Bach taught us in the Lamborghini in that classic '80s flick. The Cannonball Run is a real event and this year a Tesla Model 3 set a record or fastest drive in an EV.

Alex Roy and Daniel Zorrilla left the Portofino Inn in Redondo Bach California on a trip that would end at the Red Ball Garage in New York City. The drive was completed in a record-setting 50 hours and 16 minutes. That is a new electric Cannonball Run record.

The total drive time was 50 hours, 16 minutes, and 32 seconds with a total mileage of 2860. The total cost for electricity to charge the Model 3 was $100.95. The route took the duo across nearly the entire country.

The Model 3 used in the record-setting run was one of the first cars delivered to a customer. We have no indication of if the duo followed speed limits or went full Cannonball and drove as fast as possible.

We assume they took a miserly pace to conserve battery power. Less charging would seem to be better for an EV record run. Check out the time lapse video of the drive below.

SOURCE: The Drive