Tesla Full Self-Driving subscription coming really soon

Tesla did more than just make electric vehicles a thing, it also changed the ways some features are delivered to cars and owners. Rather than requiring a physical upgrade or add-on parts, Tesla's EVs have the capabilities already built-in, just disabled through software. While that makes it easier to "upgrade" to those new features, it doesn't make it cheaper. That's where Elon Musk's idea to place those features behind a subscription system comes in and it will be starting with Full Self-Driving in a few months.

Tesla's self-driving system may not always be reported in a positive light but even its semi-autonomous version does have its share of believers. The Full Self-Driving capability may have some owners still on the fence, especially when you consider the $10,000 fee it requires. As with anything these days, it seems that the solution is a subscription "as-a-service" business model instead.

Musk confirms on Twitter that this planned FSD subscription will go live in early 2021. Of course, he doesn't reveal any other detail, including the price for that monthly or perhaps yearly fee. Given how much the full package costs, however, it won't be too far fetched to expect even that to be sky-high.

Electrek says that Musk still recommends buying FSD in full rather than as a subscription, presenting it more as an investment in the future. That investment will, of course, include the updates that he claims will pay off eventually. Of course, it also probably makes the company more money this way.

An FSD subscription model, however, could benefit not just Tesla owners still unconvinced of the feature but also those that lease their cars. It makes it more economical to make this investment, especially if owners are facing a $400 monthly fee anyway.